Reducing Your Dog's Holiday Fears

Updated: May 18, 2021

The holidays are a crazy time for us all! Between Halloween and New Years', our lives become hectic, and this can often wreak havoc on our dogs, especially ones that already struggle with fear or anxiety. In contrast, some dogs are naturally social and enjoy the extra company. While some pant, pace, and stress with every person that enters the house. You may have one dog that rests calmly on a bed while you cook and another who is under your feet waiting for scraps the entire time. For our fearful dogs, the holidays can be one of the worst times of the year!

So what can you do at home to help our nervous pups stay calmer and prevent our naughty pups from getting into something they shouldn't? Here are a few of my top holiday tips.

-DO create a safe place for your dog! A safe place could be a crate or a quiet room that no one else will enter. Your dog should enjoy going to their safe place and find it easy to rest there. Our dogs need a place to decompress from all their daily choices and need more time to do so when life is hectic. Note: your dog's safe place should be away from all of the company's hustle and bustle.