Private In-Home Training

Image by Pauline Loroy

What to expect

-Before our first appointment, I will get some information about you, your pup, and what kind of training you are looking for

-We will schedule a time to meet at your home where I can meet you and your dog.

-We will create a tailored training plan for your dog's needs and your lifestyle.

-Plan to start with weekly follow-up appointments that we will space out farther depending on your needs as we continue training.

-Of course, please do not forget to have some treats handy!

-Be ready to play some games and have fun with your pup!


Each session is 60 minutes long

1 session - $105.00

3 session package - $299.25 (5% discount)

    *Includes 1 month of e-mail and phone support

6 session package - $567.00 (10% discount)

    *Include 2 months of e-mail and phone support

8 session package - $714.00 (15% discount)

    *Includes 3 months of e-mail and phone support

($15.00 travel fee per appointment for anyone located more than 25 miles)