Private Virtual Training

Benefits of Virtual Training

  • Nervous, anxious, and aggressive dogs are more comfortable training because there is no stranger in the room.

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • Custom lesson plans

  • More affordable but with the same personalization as a private in-home visit.

  • No travel cost for living more than 25 miles away.

  • Behavior caught on camera is more normal than if the situation is created for an in-home visit.

Virtual Training is great for a wide variety of behavior problems, discussing questions and concerns that you may have about your dog, and for teaching basic manners.

We also offer group training classes virtually through private Facebook groups.  Feel free to check out what virtual group classes we have to offer here.

Image by Ayla Verschueren
Image by MORAN

What to expect

-Before our first appointment, you will fill out a registration form, behavior questionnaire, and training waiver.

-I typically use Zoom for our video appointments and will set up a meeting link for our agreed upon time. It is best to practice getting on Zoom via computer or phone application before our appointment, so you are comfortable using it. I am open to using other video services, but find Zoom works the best for video quality.

I ask that you try to take videos of the problem behavior/s you are having at home so I can review them before our appointment. If doing basic training, there is no need for this step. 

Have an ample space where you can easily set up your computer camera or phone and work with your dog.

Of course, please do not forget to have some treats handy!

Be ready to play some games and have fun with your pup!

Each session is 60 minutes long

1 session - $85.00

3 session package - $242.25 (5% discount)

    *Includes 1 month of e-mail and phone support

6 session package - $459.00 (10% discount)

    *Include 2 months of e-mail and phone support

8 session package - $578.00 (15% discount)

    *Includes 3 months of e-mail and phone support