Socialization Classes

Puppy Socalization

The best way to prevent behavior problems in the future is to socialize your puppy correctly.  You want to introduce your puppy to as many new things and dogs as possible during the first 8-16 weeks of life. The earlier you start, the more confident and comfortable your dog will be as he or she grows older. 

Socialization does not just mean a free-for-all; our puppy play dates will provide you with a safe place to interact with other dogs.  We will also introduce puppies to different objects that may cause them to be fearful. Also, we will do some fundamental training and teach you how to start using positive reinforcement. We will address potty training and crate training. 


Adult Socalization

Socialization and confidence-building does not stop once your dog gets older. It is important to continue to socialize with new objects, people, places, and things.  Our socialization classes create a safe environment for you to play with your dog, and teach them that just because other dogs are around doesn't mean they need to worry about them. Adult socialization classes are more about your dog staying interested in you even when other dogs are around. While there may be some play with other dogs it is not the main focus of this group.  Afterall when your dog is off-leash you want them to stay with you not run away after every other dog they see! 

Different age groups

8 weeks -16 weeks old

4 months - 7 months old

8 months - 12 months old

1 year and up


$5.00 per class

Locations vary.  If you have a puppy and are interested in joining a socialization group please contact Melissa at"> at 240-382-5277 or by using the form below.

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