About Us

About the owner, Melissa

My passion for animals started at a very young age. As a child, it felt as though all the stray dogs and cats found me.  To my mother's dismay, I was sure to bring home every animal I thought needed my help. I brought home everything, including dogs and cats, to snakes and snails.

I started working in the veterinary field when I was 16 cleaning kennels at a small Veterinary Clinic in Iowa.  This has given me a better understanding of how to help you and your pets from naughty to medical-related behaviors!

As I continued on my career path, I took a particular interest in animal behavior, fear-free practices, and game-based training. I became CPDT-KA Certified and a Fear Free Certified Professional. It didn't take me long to decided to take the next step and open Harmonious Handling. I am sure you will quickly see my passion for working with animals in our time together, and I look forward to meeting you and your pup. 


Positive Reinfocment & Game-Based Training

Harmonious Handling's training methods are primarily based on having fun with your dog through games and positive reinforcement methods that help build on concepts your dog needs to solve behavior problems or start a puppy off right! One of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your dog is to have fun with them! If the training is enjoyable for both you and your dog it is easier to follow through and enhance your relationship. Check out our programs and see more about how we can help you!


Certifications:  I am certified from CCPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified, and am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild! 

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Something For Everyone!

We strive to have many different ways to accommodate everyone with different schedules and lifestyles. We offer several different programs, classes online and in person, along with workshops. 

We love all breeds of dogs and of all ages. No dog is too young or too old to begin training! We are here to help with new puppies, training dogs who have behavior problems or help with fearful and anxious dogs.

Our Mission Statement

Harmonious Handling wants to help every dog owner enhance the human-animal bond with their pet. We use positive reinforcement and game-based training methods to teach basic manners, advanced training, and help solve problem behaviors, in the easiest most effective way for the owner! Through proper training and handling, we help create a deep, meaningful connection with your dog and create mutual trust.

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